Lease Horses


Lease Horse Lesson Program


Intermediate & advanced riders have the option of using their own horses or moving into a ½ lease or full lease.


Lease Horse Lesson Program

Horses & Students

All leasing students are on an individual equine plan according to their goals and skill level.

  • The horses leased are NOT school horses.
  • There are two students per horse for a ½ lease. 
  • There is one student per horse for a full lease.


Horses leased       60 MIN

(½ lease – 2 lessons + 1 Flat/month)

Horses leased        60 MIN

(Full lease – 4 lessons +2 Flat/month)

Our Mission

“Our mission is to fill the gaps that we see in the equestrian world. We want everyone to have a chance to be successful in their equestrian journey while caring for the equine partner that makes it all possible.”