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01. Describe Silver Haven EQ

The best way to describe Silver Haven EQ is to say we are a safety-conscious barn where “care”, “trust”, and “service towards others” is the norm.

02. Student Encouragement

We also encourage our junior students to learn responsibility by helping with the horses, and we actively promote the development of empathy, conscientiousness, and good peer relationships.

03. Our Priority

Our priority is providing fun, correct instruction, horsemanship, and safety skills for riders and equine partners.

This is a place where everyone feels welcome.


What We Do Best

Customer Experience

Silver Haven EQ offers outstanding customer experience where “Care”, “Trust”, and “Service Towards Others” is incomparable!! 


Silver Haven EQ is conveniently located just off the West Calgary Ring Road solving transportation issues with lessons and time to see your horse.

School Horse Program

Silver Haven EQ provides a school horse program above the rest. With only the highest quality horses our student riding experience is the best.


Silver Haven EQ provides equitable options for full and half lease opportunities. Our boarders will experience the highest level of care for an affordable price.


Silver Haven EQ is one of the only barns in the area to provide the foundations required to be successful in your equestrian career, offering a full-time horsemanship program.

Working Student program

Silver Haven EQ provides the opportunity to those students requiring support, who wouldn’t normally be able to ride through our working student program.

Proven Success

Riding Horses Can Improve Children’s Cognitive Ability


children riding horses



Study shows how the effects of horseback riding improve learning in children.

The performance rate of arithmetic problems in children riding horses (n = 54), walking (n = 26), or resting (n = 26) is shown as percentages. “Speed-up” indicates greater achievement, and “speed-down” indicates lower achievement. (B) The performances grouped by horse (A, B, and C) are shown as percentages (n = 18).

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